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Nine-tailed Fox Original Enamel Pin Bundle

Nine-tailed Fox Original Enamel Pin Bundle

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The fox spirit appears throughout the mythology of Asia, sharing traits such as its bewitching beauty and longevity. Despite these similarities, each culture has unique characteristics that distinguish its fox spirit from others.

The hulijing, or fox spirit, is often seen as a good omen and in its human form it is often depicted as a beautiful and bewitching woman. This enamel pin features the hulijing with a swirl of peach blossoms, which are often associated with romance, prosperity, and growth.

Stories about Gumiho typically depict them as bloodthirsty and particularly keen on consuming human livers. An attribute of the Gumiho is the fox bead (yeowoo guseul) which it uses to harvest energy from human beings. The fox bestows the bead to a human through the mouth and reclaims it when the bead accumulates energy from the human.

In Japanese folklore, a kitsune is a fox that has gained mysterious abilites. As they get older and wiser, a kitsune grows more tails and eventually becomes a Kyuubi- a kitsune with nine tails. Kitsune are often depicted as fun loving tricksters.

The Nine-tailed Fox set includes the Kitsune, Hulijing, and Gumiho.

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