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Kitsune - Nine-tailed Fox Original Enamel Pins

Kitsune - Nine-tailed Fox Original Enamel Pins

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This Kyuubi (九尾) is guaranteed to add a level of fun and mischief to your outfit. Show your inner trickster and your love of Japanese folklore with this stylish enamel pin!

In Japanese folklore, a kitsune is a fox that has gained mysterious abilites. As they get older and wiser, a kitsune grows more tails and eventually becomes a Kyuubi- a kitsune with nine tails. Kitsune are often depicted as fun loving tricksters and this enamel pin seeks to convey that sentiment.

The Nine-tailed Fox set includes the Kitsune, Hulijing, and Gumiho.


Width: 1.75 inch (4.45 cm)

Length: 1.75 inch (4.45 cm)

Additional Info

Plating: Gold

Number of Posts: 2


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  • Enamel pin locking backs attached to an enamel pin

    Accessorizing your outfit or a backpack? Locking pin backs help to keep your enamel pin extra secure.

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  • Great For Personalizing

    • Hats, scarves, clothing
    • Backpacks & bags
    • Lanyards