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Gumiho - Nine-tailed Fox Original Enamel Pins

Gumiho - Nine-tailed Fox Original Enamel Pins

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This Gumiho (구미호) is the most unique one out of the nine-tailed fox series as it is the only one which is constantly portrayed as evil.

Stories about Gumiho typically depict them as bloodthirsty and particularly keen on consuming human livers. An attribute of the Gumiho is the fox bead (yeowoo guseul) which it uses to harvest energy from human beings. The fox bestows the bead to a human through the mouth and reclaims it when the bead accumulates energy from the human.

The Nine-tailed Fox set includes the Kitsune, Hulijing, and Gumiho.



Width: 1.75 inch (4.45 cm)

Length: 1.75 inch (4.45 cm)

Additional Info

Plating: Gold

Number of Posts: 2


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  • Enamel pin locking backs attached to an enamel pin

    Accessorizing your outfit or a backpack? Locking pin backs help to keep your enamel pin extra secure.

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